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CyberTech is now offering our best quality cloth drying ceiling hangers in Hyderabad with our strong and profession team of experienced engineers in the city. Pulley integrated cloth drying system is a one- time permanent solution for drying cloth at an affordable price in Hyderabad. Our Prab India team is available in Hyderabad for doing all free delivery and installation of our products in Hyderabad city at the price.
The hangers can be moved in upward and downward movement by pulling the nylon ropes. These rods are anti- rust saving the clothes from unwanted rust. By installing ceiling cloth roof hangers you can save a lot of space in your balconies at the same time aids the clothes in drying faster. As the clothes are near to the roof they will not block air or sunlight entering into the house. These rods are customize according to once needs and choice.

CyberTech Cloth Drying Roof Hangers

CyberTech Cloth Drying Roof Hanger is best solution for drying wet clothes in balcony roof area.

Roof hanger is designed so that each pipe can be lowered to hang wet clothes and rise to the roof (pulley operated clothe drying system).

  • It creates moving space in your balcony and allows ventilation, contributes good hygiene
  • Protects clothes from colour fading due to direct sunlight enhances life of your clothes.
  • Gain privacy to your clothes by drying indoor.
  • Protects your clothes from rust stains due to usage of stainless steel pipes.
  • Easy to operate even by kids, house wife's, servents and senior citizens.
  • clothes will never sags, creases & folds, clips not required suitable for flats, apartments, bungalows, hotels, hostels etc.
  • Protect your clothes from sudden rains and scattering winds by using cybertech cloth drying roof hangers
  • Enhances beauty of your house by avoiding outside clothes drying.
  • Looks tidy and elegant and represents by luzxury necessary.

Cloth Drying Roof Hangers Hyderabad

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